Peggy Rotundo

For Senate District 21

Running to represent the people of Lewiston in the Maine State Senate

I get up every morning and think about the world I want to help build for future generations. Our decisions now have an enormous impact on our future. Let’s get to work for Lewiston families.


I know our community well. My husband Danny and I have proudly called Lewiston home for over 42 years. Our children, Nicholas and Ann, attended the Lewiston Public Schools. I continue to serve Lewiston and our state with dedication and devotion. I believe in being part of our community. I have served on numerous school, community, and state boards over the years.

As a legislator,  I have visited with hundreds of children in classrooms to explain the workings of our state government and to encourage them to participate in community service and in our democracy.

Most importantly, I have listened to the hopes, aspirations, and challenges of my Lewiston neighbors over the years and understand what they need in their lives both now and to secure brighter futures for themselves and their families. I know how to move policies forward that will improve the lives of Mainers. I know this community and know how to unite people toward our shared goals. 

I am no stranger to hard work and determination. My years of experience as a tireless and effective legislator for Lewiston families helped our community through challenging years, and ensured that Lewiston received our fair share of state funding and services. 

I’m known for taking good ideas and making them happen. As a member of the State’s legislative budget committee for 14 years, I led negotiations that delivered balanced, bipartisan state budgets when others said it was impossible. I championed legislation for greater educational opportunities for all Maine people and for a cleaner and healthier environment. I successfully fought for property tax relief and increased public access to government information. I effectively advocated for better services for veterans, older Mainers, and people with disabilities. 

I am known for my commonsense leadership and for bringing people together to find common ground. My hallmark as an elected official has been my ability to bring people together to work through difficult issues, including hammering out bipartisan state budget agreements. As the Chair of the Legislature’s Citizen Trade Policy Committee, I helped to bring committee members with very different points of view to agreement on issues that impacted Maine’s trade policies. 

As the Chair of the Lewiston School Committee, I helped create an atmosphere where members could safely and respectfully present different points of view. When the City Council and School Committee were at odds over the school budget, I helped implement protocols to smooth relationships between the two groups.

The last year and a half of the pandemic has made it clear what a critical moment this is. We’ve been through a lot as a community. Lewiston families are struggling. Maine people are struggling. The stakes could not be higher right now. Times are tough for many families and local businesses.

This goes beyond politics and ideology.

I feel the urgency of this moment, and know that I can do something to help people now – and can help build a better future for the people of Lewiston and Maine.

Our city and our state need elected representatives who can get to Augusta, hit the ground running, work together, and solve problems. I know this job. I have a proven record of being able to work with others – and I work hard for the people I serve. I have shown that I know how to work with legislators from across the political spectrum to successfully negotiate unanimous, bipartisan state budgets.

I also know how to listen. I’ve always listened to you – the people I hope to again represent – and I will continue to listen. Over the years you’ve shared your joys, your sorrows, and your hopes and dreams with me. Every day I’ve served this community, I take those stories with me. Your stories have informed every vote I’ve taken as your legislator and consistently remind me that job one is to listen to the people I represent.

I know how to fight hard for you and your family. It’s a job I take seriously. I want to return to Augusta to continue to provide a strong and effective voice for Lewiston people. I know that together, we can address challenges right now – and build the future that we want for our families and our community. We have the power to create the world we all want to leave for generations to come. I would be honored if you chose me to return to Augusta to represent you.


For 14 years I helped lead the Legislature’s budget committee, working with legislators from across the political spectrum to successfully negotiate unanimous, bipartisan state budgets that created educational opportunity, economic development, access to health care, and tax relief for Mainers. I know how to build support for solutions to our most pressing problems and how to make sure those solutions are funded. 

We can’t look away from hard problems – especially not right now. We need to make sure that people have what they need to live full lives and to provide their children with bright futures. 

Here are some of the issues I’ve fought so hard for over the years and will continue to prioritize at the State House: 

Economic stability and opportunity for all.
No one should go without food, health care, or a safe place to call home. Everyone deserves to live free from discrimination, to get an excellent education, and to find a job that pays a living wage.

It’s hard to think about the future when you can’t provide for your family today. We knew it before and the pandemic has driven it home: people must make enough money to take care of their basic needs. They must be able to afford to put food on the table, have access to health care, live in a safe home they can afford, heat that home, and have enough left over for essentials like buying their kids’ boots for the cold Maine winters.

We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity in front of us. We need to use the federal money coming to Maine and Lewiston to bring new jobs to Maine industries and encourage talent development. We need to fund research and innovation to support our community, our state’s economic recovery, and our long-term economic growth and infrastructure. We need to make sure people’s basic needs are met.

This is a challenging but exciting time for Lewiston and I would love to be in Augusta to help us realize these possibilities.

When we fund education, we fund our future.
Economic development and job creation go hand in hand with education. Funding public education is critical to a strong future for our families, our businesses, and our communities.

Education is a cornerstone of my public service work. I will continue to fight for greater educational opportunities for everyone and for more resources for education, including early childhood education, K-12 schools, hands-on and career-oriented training, two-year and four-year degrees, and adult education.

Health Care
As with many issues Lewiston people face, the pandemic has made the need for affordable, quality health care even more urgent. I will support efforts to keep health care and prescription drug costs down, as well as efforts to expand services to people in need.

I have successfully championed the expansion of health care and prescription drug coverage to Maine people. As a leader on the State’s budget committee, I oversaw the repayment of the State’s debt to our local hospitals. I defended and supported the expansion of services to veterans, older Mainers, and people with disabilities. I know how critical effective and compassionate support and services are for people with substance use disorders and will continue to fight for quality services and care for all Maine people.

Property tax relief is critical.
I understand the special burden that property taxpayers in cities like Lewiston shoulder – especially now with the pandemic. I know how critical it is to provide tax relief to people with limited income, to those wishing to own their own homes here in Lewiston, and to our local small business owners. I will continue to work hard to bring additional property tax relief to hard-working families and small businesses in Lewiston.

Addressing climate change is key to our future.
I believe that we need to commit ourselves to do everything we can to address climate changeand ensure we are prepared for the challenges posed by climate change.

As a legislator, I supported legislation aimed at fighting climate change. I also sponsored a major bill to clean up the Androscoggin River and consistently received high marks from Maine’s environmental advocacy groups while in the State House. As Lewiston’s Senator, I will commit my energy to continue to advance those goals. I know how critical these issues are and understand we must act now.


I have served the people of this community with hard work and devotion for over 40 years. I have served on many boards, including the Lewiston School Committee, the Androscoggin Chamber of Commerce, Headstart, and LA Arts. 

Throughout my public service, I’ve pushed for and delivered state funding to support the community institutions that make our city unique, including the Lewiston Public Library, Thorncrag Nature Sanctuary, the Franco American Heritage Center, L/A College, Central Maine Community College, and more. I have led efforts to provide support for the services our neighbors who are older or experience disabilities need.

Education is a central part of my public service. In addition to serving on Lewiston’s School Committee for 8 years, I was a founding member and Chair of the Lewiston Aspirations Partnership with L.L. Bean and helped start the Lewiston Education Fund, which raises private funds to enhance learning opportunities in our K-12 classrooms. I served on the steering committee to establish Lewiston’s Pettengill School Park and the steering committee for the Lewiston-Auburn Youth Lacrosse Program, which evolved into the lacrosse program in our schools.  

I currently serve on the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence Board of Directors and Lewiston’s Promise (Headstart) Advisory Board.

In my professional life, I helped found the Center for Service Learning at Bates College, a nationally recognized program that connects Bates students to the community through volunteer service. I recently retired from my job at the Bates College Harward Center for Community Partnerships. In that position I helped send hundreds of students into the community every year to volunteer in the schools and local nonprofits.


While in the Legislature, I also served on the Legislature’s Education and Cultural Affairs Committee, the Government Oversight Committee, the Senate Ethics Committee, the Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee, and the Committee on Bills in the Second Reading. I was appointed to statewide commissions on tax reform, state budget reform, freedom of information issues, increasing access to post-secondary education, and more. 

I represented the State of Maine as a Commissioner on the Education Commission of the States and served as the Chair of the Lewiston School Committee for 4 of my 8 years on the Committee.  

My extensive experience as Lewiston’s voice at the State House is what prepares me for the challenges ahead. My 16 years in the Maine Legislature, first as Lewiston’s State Senator and then as a State Representative, mean I am ready to get to Augusta and get to work.

I served as both the Senate and House Chair of the Appropriations Committee, which oversees the state budget, the Senate Chair of the State and Local Government Committee, and the Senate and House Chair of the Citizen Trade Policy Commission.



Public Service Awards

Deborah Morton Society: Elected by the University of New England Board of Trustees in recognition of “high distinction” in a career for public service. 

Maine Equal Justice Partners Award: In recognition of a legislative career dedicated to working for the economic and social well-being of all Maine families.

Policy Maker of the Year Award: From the Maine Developmental Disabilities Council

Honorary Franco-American Award. Made an Honorary Franco by the Franco-American community of Lewiston in recognition of legislative work done to preserve Franco-American heritage. 

D’Youville Community Award: From the Sisters of Charity Health Care System for demonstrating respect for others in public service.

Frances Perkins Award: From the Western Maine Labor Council, “given yearly to an individual who has improved the lives of workers through public service and public policy.”

Leadership Awards:

Elizabeth H. Mitchell Award: Awarded by the Maine Affordable Housing Coalition and “given to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in addressing Maine’s affordable housing problems.”

The President’s Award: Awarded by the Lewiston-Auburn Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Executive Director to an individual in the community for outstanding achievement and recognizable contribution to Lewiston-Auburn.

Maryann Hartman Award: University of Maine’s Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies award recognizing legendary Maine women in arts, politics, business, education and community service.

Courage Award: Immigrant Resource Center of Maine

Maine Sunshine Award: From the Freedom of Information Coalition in recognition of “leadership in the area of open government.”

Lee Young Leadership Award: From the YWCA of Central Maine “in honor of diverse and immense contributions to Lewiston and Auburn throughout 30 years of work in the community.”

Strength and Leadership Recognition Award: From the L&A Veteran Council “for hard work and dedication in helping our Veterans in many areas.”

Education Awards:

Champion of Head Start Children Award: Awarded by the New England Head Start Association in recognition of service to Head Start and advocacy for early childhood education.

College for ME Androscoggin Advocate Award: In recognition of “tireless advocacy on behalf of others who aspire to and attain higher education in Androscoggin County.”

Education Leadership Award: From the Maine Coalition for Excellence in Education, for “commitment, courage, and vision in support of Maine students.”

Champion for Children Award: From the Maine Children’s Alliance for going above and beyond and investing precious time, energy, and talent into Maine children.

Environmental Advocacy Awards:

Bonnie Lounsbury Environmental Award: Awarded by the Androscoggin Land Trust “to the individual or organization that best exemplifies the spirit and accomplishment of Bonnie Lounsbury in advancing environmental efforts in the central Androscoggin River region.”

Maine League of Conservation Voters Award: For “undaunted courage, brains, and heart in defense of clean water for the people of Lewiston.”

Conservation Champion Award: From the Maine Audubon Society.

  • I am pictured here with Representative Pat Flood, my Republican counterpart on the State budget committee. As House Chair of the Committee, I successfully partnered with Representative Flood in negotiating several unanimous, bipartisan state budgets.

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